Biennale.io is not just another NFT marketplace; it is a community-driven ecosystem that caters to creators in the art and culture space in the Middle East. By introducing the secure blockchain system to art enthusiasts, without the complexity of the back-end technology, creators can monetize their creations in the digital space. They’ll also be able to connect with like-minded individuals, while getting rewarded for their involvement. 

User-friendly experience is key at Biennale.io, hence navigating the platform will be an enjoyable and connected experience, much like interacting in your favourite social networking space. This means that art enthusiasts (creators, collectors, and managers) can purchase, sell, trade and hold NFTs in a smooth and seamless manner, without prior knowledge of crypto or blockchain technology. 

Born in the UAE, Biennale.io is the brainchild of Cumai Abulhosn and Roy Aftimos, with the support of the team of C2 Native, the communication lab of C2 Communications. C2 Native is a pioneer in tech and digital transformation leading the communication industry for the last 5 years, working in tandem with C2 Communications, which is a driving force in morphing the ad industry into communication consultancies. The diverse team behind the project brings a wealth of experience in terms of creating, communicating, managing art-related projects and influencing the art collector community.